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Contribute to Project Bread

Food is not the issue. Right now, the issue is distribution and scale. Federal nutrition programs are the only scalable way to reach people in need—SNAP, WIC, and school meals, are the only solutions that put money back into the economy right now. Project Bread’s  scalable solutions are more necessary than ever to protect our […]

Find a local healthcare facility or nursing home that needs PPE and donate any you have, can afford to buy or make

Many healthcare facilities are in need of PPE for their workers. Please donate any masks, gloves and other items you have or are able to purchase and donate to a local facility. Click here to find a healthcare provider or nursing home near you that needs masks, gloves and other PPE. Click here for our […]

Smile at every stranger you see; draw a smile on your face mask!

We just realized that even though everyone should be wearing a mask, you can still see people smiling through their eyes! Smiling at a stranger and saying a muffled hello might be the best thing that happens to them all day!   Click here for more pictures of “Awesome Face Masks”