Actions include giving blood to a local blood bank, contributing money to local food banks, buying lunch for 1st responders or hospital workers and donating masks, gloves or other PPE to those who need it or your unused laptops, tablets or other tech devices to enable low income families to stay connected and access virtual education and services.

The incremental time for these actions range from less than one minute to whatever time you wish to give.

The cost for these actions ranges from $0 to as much as you are able to give.

Donate to No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry is a national campaign run by Share Our Strength, a nonprofit working to solve problems of hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world. After 25 years of successfully investing in local nonprofits and helping find the best approaches to eradicating poverty and hunger, Share Our Strength launched No Kid Hungry in 2010

Nearly 22 million children rely on the meals they receive at school. With your help, we’ll continue to remove any obstacles to get kids the food they need. Your contribution will help No Kid Hungry:

  • Work with federal and local government to support children in need.
  • Provide emergency grants to food banks and community groups.
  • Divert resources to help the hardest-hit communities.
  • Make sure families know how to find meals while schools are closed.
  • Continue our work to ensure every kid gets three meals a day.

Click here to make a donation to No Kid Hungry.

Contribute to Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses in the U.S., China and globally to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to COVID-19.

  • Direct Relief working in overdrive to get protective gear and critical care medications to as many health workers as possible, as quickly as possible, with emergency deliveries leaving daily for medical facilities across the U.S.
  • Direct Relief is coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses in the U.S. and globally to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Direct Relief is also staging personal protective equipment with regional response agencies across the world, including in the Caribbean and South America through the Pan American Health Organization.

Click here to contribute to Direct Relief.


Donate blood to my local blood bank

There is a severe shortage of blood across the country. If you are able, please donate blood at your local blood bank, it only takes a few minutes and it can save a life.  The phlebotomist and staff at Blood Donation Centers are all wonderful people, highly skilled at what they do and will make sure you are 100% safe during your donation!

Click here to find your closest American Red Cross Blood Donation location.

Feed the front lines: buy pizza lunch local police or fire station

Please consider buying pizzas for your local fire or police station for lunch or dinner. They will greatly appreciate it!

Click here for our HOW TO GUIDE for buying lunch for your local first responders!

Donate to Masks for the People to fund PPE for black & brown essential workers

Many essential business workers on the front lines, including delivery drivers, garbage collectors, cleaning people, are low wage earners, people of color and DO NOT HAVE THE PPE THEY NEED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES! Please donate to Masks for the People to address this critical need.

Click here to make a donation to MASKS FOR THE PEOPLE!

Click here for a CNN article and video about W. Kamau Brown’s Mask for the People movement.

Buy lunch for hospital workers and help local restaurant workers.

Please consider buying meals for hospital workers and also helping local restaurant workers by donating to Off Their Plate, a volunteer run organization that raises money to buy and deliver meals for hospital workers from local restaurants who commit that at least 50% of the cost of the meal will go to their workers. Off Their Plate is currently operating in Boston, NYC, LA, SF and Pittsburgh.

Click here to donate to Off Their Plate.

Find a local healthcare facility or nursing home that needs PPE and donate any you have, can afford to buy or make

Many healthcare facilities are in need of PPE for their workers. Please donate any masks, gloves and other items you have or are able to purchase and donate to a local facility.

Click here to find a healthcare provider or nursing home near you that needs masks, gloves and other PPE.

Click here for our HOW TO GUIDE Protecting the Front Lines by Donating PPE.

Donate to a local foodbank

Millions of families cannot afford to buy food today. Please consider donating to your local food bank.

Give new or used snowsports goggles to healthcare workers

Health care workers are running out of masks, gloves and other personal protection equipment. If you have new or used ski or snowboard goggles you don’t use, please donate them.

Click here for our HOW TO GUIDE to find a hospital near you that needs goggles.


Contribute to Project Bread

Food is not the issue. Right now, the issue is distribution and scale. Federal nutrition programs are the only scalable way to reach people in need—SNAP, WIC, and school meals, are the only solutions that put money back into the economy right now. Project Bread’s  scalable solutions are more necessary than ever to protect our community during this period of crisis, so no one goes hungry.  

  • Project Bread is working in tandem with the Department of Education to continue “school meal” service in our highest-need communities.
  • Project Bread’s FoodSource Hotline is actively assisting people who need help getting food. And plans have been implemented that will allow this resource to continue to operate despite the closure of the Department of Transitional Assistance, and any periods of quarantine.
  • SNAP is our most critical resource during this period of crisis. We are partnering with legislators to jointly call for food aid increase in response to COVID-19.