Actions include packing and/ or handing out food at your local food bank, making masks for delivery workers and other essential businesses workers who do not have access to PPE, offering to pick up groceries, medicines or other items elderly neighbors may need.

The incremental time for these actions range from a few minutes to an hour or more.

There is almost no cost associated with these actions with the exception of a little gas if you drive somewhere to volunteer.

Call your local homeless shelter and ask what you can do to help

Homeless people and families are some of the most vulnerable and hardest hit by the Covid-19 virus. Please consider finding a homeless shelter near you and contact them to ask what you can do to help.

Click here to find a homeless shelter in your area.

Volunteer at a local food bank

Food banks and food pantries across the country are experiencing a huge increase in demand from those out of work due to the virus – some are seeing a 10x or more increase in those needing help. Volunteer to pack or hand out food at local food bank.

Click here to find your local food bank.

Offer to pick up groceries or medicine for an elderly neighbor

Offer to pick up groceries or medicine for an elderly neighbor.  Make sure you practice “no contact delivery” by wearing a mask and gloves to shop, wiping down all packages with a disinfectant wipe and leaving the groceries or medicines on your neighbors front porch or other safe place for them to collect what you delivered.