Ideas to Help Essential Business Workers

Rolling Thunder Thank You Caravan to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) April 19, 2020

Thank You Caravan to local hospitals at shift change to say thank you for working!

Find your local hospital, fire station and other first responder locations and organize a 5 car Rolling Thunder Thank You Caravan with THANK YOU signs.  Go to local hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire stations at shift changes to show your appreciation by shouting thank you for working today, ringing cow bells, honking horns, etc.  Please make sure all participants wear masks and gloves and stand 6+ feet apart!

Download our HOW TO GUIDE for organizing a Thank You Caravan

Click Here to download our THANK YOU FOR WORKING sign

Watch our recent Rolling Thunder Thank You Caravan:

Cheer for healthcare workers and others tonight at 7 PM.

Join people around the world thanking healthcare workers and others on the front lines by leaning out your window or going outside tonight at 7 PM and clapping, cheering, ringing a bell, etc. for 20 seconds to show your support for health care workers and all those on the front lines fighting and most effected by the virus.



Order takeout from my local independent restaurant

Order takeout from my local independent restaurant.

Call my representatives demand support for essential workers health & safety

Call your national, state and local representatives and demand they provide economic, health and safety support to all essential workers.

Click here to find the contract information for your representatives. 

Give a larger tip than usual to local restaurants and small businesses

Small businesses and their workers are really hurting during this crisis. Please consider giving a larger tip than usual to local restaurants and small businesses.  As a guideline, government officials are proposing funding to give all healthcare and essential business workers a 50% bonus until we all get through this together.

Contact my congressional representatives and demand they support an essential workers Bill of Rights

Nearly 60 million Americans are still working to keep our internet running, to deliver our groceries, to make sure we have electricity, and to care for the sick. Sadly, many employers are not giving their front-line employees masks, sterile gloves or other things they need to stay safe and healthy to benefit all of us.

Please contact your elected officials and demand they support an essential workers Bill of Rights that includes:

  1. Health and safety protections.
  2. Robust premium compensation.
  3. Protections for collective bargaining agreements
  4. Truly universal paid sick leave and family and medical leave.
  5. Protections for whistle blowers.
  6. An end to worker misclassification.
  7. Health care security.
  8. Support for childcare.
  9. Treat workers as experts.
  10. Hold corporations accountable for meeting their responsibilities.

Click here to find the contact information for your representatives.

Click here to download our HOW TO GUIDE to demand an Essential Workers Bill of Rights you can share with others!


Give face mask & gloves to delivery people, other gig workers those who need them.

If you have access to masks and gloves, please consider giving them to front line workers whose employers are not providing it for them.


Donate to Masks for the People to fund PPE for black & brown essential workers

Many essential business workers on the front lines, including delivery drivers, garbage collectors, cleaning people, are low wage earners, people of color and DO NOT HAVE THE PPE THEY NEED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES! Please donate to Masks for the People to address this critical need.

Click here to make a donation to MASKS FOR THE PEOPLE!

Click here for a CNN article and video about W. Kamau Brown’s Mask for the People movement.

Meet and say thank you to your garbage collectors

Please consider taking a few minutes to meet those you may see every week, but have never taken the time to learn their names, say hello to and thank them for their service. Your garbage collectors and all health & sanitation workers are on the front lines too.

Ask my kid to draw a rainbow and put it in my front window

Ask your kids to draw a rainbow and put it in your front window or give one to someone on the front lines.

Click here to visit Kids For Peace Global for other ideas about how kids can help during Covid-19.